Networking for Links

One highly recommended way to obtain links is to participate in web forums.  There are a couple of different options as far as this is concerned.

The first choice is to seek out forums for webmasters like the one on this site.  Webmaster forums are good choices because they typically have sections devoted to exchanging back links.  You could also expect to be dealing with users who understand the value in reciprocal linking, so there’s no need to explain why you would want to trade.

The drawback here is that you are less likely to find others in your niche or industry.  While you may be able to make many trades, backlinks are much more valuable when they come from related sites.

The second forum option is to participate in an online community that has been established specifically for people in your site’s area of interest.  This will undoubtedly connect you with others who have related pages, and they would make excellent trade partners.

The potential issue with trading links through a mutual-interest forum is that a large percentage of the participants won’t have websites, and some of the ones who do may not understand the purpose of swapping links.

Because both types of forums can offer beneficial link trades, I always recommend finding one or two active groups of each kind and becoming a regular participant.  Not only will you have the opportunity to connect for linking, but you will also stay abreast of news in your industry and get valuable tips for maintaining and promoting your site.  Who can argue with that?!

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Relevant Link Building Tips

If you’ve made it to, odds are you already realize just how important it is to increase the number of backlinks pointing to your website.  Google and other search algorithms evaluate those inbound links as an indication of the value of a given web page.  The common assumption made here is that if many other pages are linking to yours, your page must contain quality information that other searchers would find useful.  Since your often-linked site is viewed as a valuable one, the search engine knows to display it toward the top of the results for phrases that appear on it.

Of course, the best way to obtain back links is to provide really useful information for your visitors.  When your site is cleverly designed and easy on the eyes, and features intelligent writing and high-quality images, others will be eager to link to it.  Many will even do so without being asked, simply because they want to share the content with others who will appreciate it.

Unfortunately, in order to start receiving those kinds of backlinks, you need to first put in the effort to make sure that your site can be found.  That means trading links with similar sites, promoting your page in directories, and maybe even buying advertising space as you continue to generate desirable content.

Since reciprocal linking is the most affordable way to increase your backward links, that is how most webmasters begin their search engine optimization journeys.  There are several ways to find good link partners.

  1. Participate in link exchange forums to connect with others who want to trade.
  2. Seek out sites that rank for similar keywords to the ones you’re targeting, and contact their webmasters directly to offer an exchange.
  3. Set up a links page on your site that allows for automated swapping (of course, this one relies on getting visitors to your site).
  4. Join communities and networking groups for people in your industry.  This will put you in touch with others who are operating relevant websites, and as a result, you will be able to offer to trade with them.

If you try these ideas, you should soon have a steady stream of incoming links.  With some time and effort, your site will be on the way to the top of the organic search results.

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