SEO for Videos

Startup companies are trying to launch their businesses quickly and with minimal costs so they can start gaining revenue. How to market on the internet changes with whatever is trending at the time. Recently with the advent of and various other video hosting websites, it is extremely easy to make a video and have it reach your target audience. So whether you are posting videos of silly cats or posting videos that advertise your home business, you’ll need to know some basic tips.

How can you optimize your video?

You may think that performing basic search engine optimization tasks to increase rankings on a video may be difficult, but it is the same concept as optimizing traditional text websites. You need to use relevant keywords in your title, tags, URL, file name, and link text. Also make sure to include a description of the video in “natural style” writing. This will paint a vivid picture for people searching for material relating to your content and more importantly to the search engine themselves so your video can be found on the Internet. Essentially, optimizing your video incorporates the same tactics as optimizing any other digital media. The thing about videos is that you can use them in a variety of ways to diversify your appeal. A few common tactics include:

  • Taking screen shots of videos and posting them on photo hosting sites such as Flickr
  • Segregating longer videos into shorter content; thus creating a higher chance for the search engine crawler to find one of your videos.
  • Talk about the video in a seperate blog post.

The bottom line is that videos can get people talking and may be another tool for your Internet marketing campaign. Remember to allow people to share your video. You could have just produced the next viral video and you didn’t even know it!

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