Advertising Options for Web-based Business

Although free advertising in the form of search engine optimization is the number one way to promote any internet business, webmasters also turn to paid advertising in some circumstances.  In fact, paid advertising is highly recommended if:

  1. Your website is new and so won’t appear in any search engine results.
  2. Your keywords are highly competitive.
  3. You want to “brand” your business beyond just getting clicks; you want to become a household name.

One relatively new and popular form of website advertising is modeled after the product placements you see in movies and on television.  In those cases, a sponsor like Pepsi or Tide pays to have their products appear in a show, without any direct mention of those products.  They simply ease them into our collective consciousness.  In fact, an entire movie was made based around the idea of product placement:  The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

Blog advertising can be done in a very similar way.  You might find a mommy blogger writing about her day and slipping in a reference to a particular brand of children’s clothing – or laundry detergent or even soda, just like in the above example.  A technical blogger may include a paid reference to a new app or gadget in one of his posts.  A recipes blog might be asked to include a specific kitchen accessory in her next description.

Whatever the product or service, you can bet there’s a fit for it in the blog advertising community.  If you want to make your own site popular – and receive valuable backlinks as well – this modern form of site promotion may be a perfect fit for your company!

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